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23 and Me Raw Data

There are 23 pairs of Chromosomes within each cell of the human body. These comprise to create the genetic factor that makes each individual unique. This is where DNA testing can come in, there was a time when DNA testing was primarily used to determine paternity of a child or as evidence in a crime scene however, these days DNA testing is used in many other factors, this includes health risk and even ancestry. So, how can individuals get a standard DNA test without having to spend those large amounts of money for genetic testing? Turns out there are now places online where a DNA test can be done in the comfort of someone's home.

Genetic Concept

One such website is Genetic Concept is just such a website. This website allows individuals to collect their DNA sample through their saliva while in the comfort of their own home. All a person needs to do is order the test, collect the sample than return it to Genetic Concept to have the results analyze.

The Benefits of DNA Testing

As stated above there are many benefits to DNA testing for just about anyone to want to have done. First is their own overall health, our genes hold a whole lot of clues about our health in general. It has now been determined that some forms of Cancer develop due to an actual gene in the body, that is inherited. This is just one example of the many conditions a person can inherit through their genetic factors. DNA testing can also tell an individual whether a certain medication is safe for them to take. Also, what skin care is most beneficial for them, and even what fitness plan is most safe for them to explore. So, DNA can hold many secrets about the human body and each person's own unique chemistry. Learn more about 23andme raw data come visit us at