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GenetiConcept 23 and Me Raw Data Analysis

GenetiConcept 23 and Me Raw Data Analysis

GenetiConcept™ is an administration made by the world-driving direct-to-buyer hereditary testing organization : DNA Factory Ltd. Established in mid-2014, the mission of our organization is to help individuals advantage and comprehend from the human DNA. After the astounding achievement of our DNA wellness Testing administration (- AnabolicGenes™), our organization chose to make an examination group of 50 medical specialists keeping in mind the end goal to acquire this each of the one amusement changing innovation in the market with moderate costs. 

The innovation GenetiConcept utilizes is Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 chip. The Infinium OmniExpress BeadChip gives predominant nature of examination, ordinarily intended for GWAS thinks about (far reaching association).The choice of hereditary markers was made by our specialists to amplify the quantity of wellbeing, skin, wellness and health highlights accessible to you.

Our technology that is utilized to gather your DNA test is called Oragene®. It is the world driving innovation for non-intrusive, protected, simple, financially savvy, and solid DNA gathering. The gathered DNA from this pack has been turned out to be to a great degree unadulterated, conveying proportionate to DNA from blood-based strategies for downstream applications.

The 23andme raw data service includes several features. Training and nutrition reports provide fitness interpretation via raw data analysis. A personalized training and nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and DNA results is can be created. Make health interpretation based on raw data analysis and receive up to 100 health reports. 120 drug response reports from pharmacogenetics interpretation via raw data analysis. Skin beauty interpretation using the raw data analysis is also offered. The brain pathways reports provides the 23andMe wellness interpretation.

Follow three easy steps to place an order for 23andMe. Choose your currency on the website and place your order. Then you connect to your 23andMe account and download

the "raw data" file. After you download the file, email it to GentiConcept at or upload to The system will then proceed with your 23andMe raw data analysis. Results are available in 6-12 hours.