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23andMe Raw Data Analysis

23andMe Raw Data Analysis

23andMe Raw Data Analysis


GenetiConcept is a top DNA analyzation company that has top researchers and is a DNA testing company. GenetiConcept offers several services that deal with DNA testing. They test for genomes that indicate a propensity of genetic diseases like breast cancer and they also offer skin, fitness, and drug response genetic tests. GenetiConcept offers a special deal to 23andMe customers.


23andMe is a company that offers genetic testing to customers for the express purpose of testing the DNA to understand ancestry. This service is of great benefit to people who are adopted. Or people who don’t have a clear understanding of their ancestry because this knowledge was forgotten or lost because of intermarriage and other circumstances. 23andMe analyzes 23 chromosomes and can detect how the ancestry of a person breaks down throughout regions all around the world. 23andMe has even matched genetic relatives that were not aware that they were related. 23andMe is a valuable service for people who don’t know who they are and are looking for a link to their past.

How is the Testing Done?

23andMe users can order a raw data analysis from GenetiConcept. This service includes a complete package of tests. It test DNA for health, fitness, brain, nutrition, skin, and drug response and includes raw data analysis interpretation of all of the tests. Simply place an order online and GenetiConcept will mail you your collection kit. Once you have received the kit all it takes is getting a simple saliva sample. Mail the kit back to GenetiConcept with the sample and it will be used for all of the genetic tests. In six to eight weeks customers can view their results online through their GenetiConcept account. It’s literally that simple to find out all of your genetic information. Read more information about 23andme raw data come visit