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23andme Raw Data

23andme Raw Data

Raw Data Analysis Targeted at 23AndMe Users

Why You Should Test Your DNA

Having your DNA testing can be beneficial for many health reasons. Your DNA can unlock access to information about your health by letting you know if you are at risk for any diseases. Currently, there has been much talk of breast cancer prevention, and DNA testing for the BRAC 1 and BRAC 2 gene mutation which indicates if a woman is a risk for breast cancer. For women with a family history of breast cancer taking a DNA test is of vital importance.

However, DNA testing is beneficial for people who do not have any breast cancer or other diseases that run in the family. DNA testing can help make your life easier by helping you get fit, improve your skin, find out your response to drugs, as well as help you fix your brain. DNA testing can assist in determining the best treatment or preventative care depending on the results of the genetic test.

Technology Used During Testing

Genetic Concept uses the Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 chip to analyze over 100,000 genetic markers and provides the highest quality genetic analysis. The researchers at Genetic Concept selected the genetic markers that will be analyzed to get the best results regarding fitness, skin, health and wellness.


Customers of the popular genetic testing site 23AndMe have the choice of purchasing one of two raw data services. The first is the All in One package which provides a complete genetic testing and raw data analysis of brain, skin, drug response, training, nutrition reports, and more than 100 health reports. The second option is just a health and fitness package.

How to Order

Purchase your very own DNA saliva collection kit at the Genetic Concept website to get your genetics tested by the professionals at Genetic Concept. Learn more about 23andme raw data come visit us at